Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need programming skills to build my own app?

Composer requires no understanding of programming to create a mobile app. You simply click the components you want and customize them on the screen. The process is very similar to using PowerPoint.

How much does Composer cost?

Composer is completely free, with certain advanced features requiring a monthly subscription.

What mobile platforms do you support?

With Composer you can build apps for iOS and Android.

Are apps created at Composer native apps or web apps?

Apps built with Composer are hybrid. That means that parts of your app are native, and other parts (usually the content parts) are HTML.

How do I test my application?

To test your application on a real device, download AppGyver Enterprise Scanner from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Are you handling app submission to the Apple App Store / Google Play?

No – you need to take care of that yourself by signing up to a developer plan and uploading the necessary certificates to our Build Service. You can also your app via a QR code that anyone with the AppGyver Enterprise Scanner can scan to access your app.