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We've Been Acquired by AppGyver

08 Dec 2014

Today, I’m proud to announce that AppArchitect has been acquired by AppGyver, one of the world’s top mobile tech firms. AppGyver’s experienced team of 20 will provide the additional resources to accelerate development while providing much improved support for our users. I will continue to work closely with AppGyver... Read more


New Feature Release: Binary Download

01 Nov 2013

Today we are announcing the ability to automatically generate and download your own binary. This has been a much requested feature from users who have their own Apple Developer Accounts. In the past, users had to request their binaries via a support ticket. This process had some manual intervention on our end where we had to... Read more


AppArchitect at NYC Startup Job Fair – Looking for Awesome Interns

04 Oct 2013

AppArchitect had a table at the NYC Startup Job Fair. We are looking for 2 positions: Designer Intern Love graphic design? Love mobile apps? Do you want to revolutionize the way users create Mobile Applications? AppArchitect is looking for a design Intern to help with the following: Creation of design Templates for Mobile Applications which... Read more


Survey Results and iPad mini Winner

20 Aug 2013

Thank you to over 1000 people who have responded to our survey. Our users are the driving force behind the updates we make, and it really helps us to understand who they are and what they are looking for. As mentioned, we have selected one random responder to win the iPad mini. We just sent... Read more


Press Coverage

01 Jul 2013

Over the last 3 months we had some amazing press, from both mainstream news and top technology blogs worldwide. Please check out the articles through the links below. All the coverage is organic including CNN and Wired, which came completely as a surprise as we neither hired a PR firm or outreached to any press. For most of these, we... Read more


New Feature Release: ‘Form Builder’

01 Jun 2013

Starting today, AppArchitect is releasing a new feature, form builder, to let users gather data, receive feedback, and conduct survey in their mobile apps. For the past few months, we referred our users to use third party services, such as Wufoo, which could be accessed through a web-view. However, users can now build native forms on AppArchitect... Read more


AppArchitect has officially launched! (Video)

01 May 2013

What a week it has been for AppArchitect! On April 29th, we officially have launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. If you didn’t get a chance to view the live stream, please check out the video. We had a tremendous amount of press coverage, from TechCrunch to top tech news sites & blogs in China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, France, and Colombia, as well as Slovakia. Even CNN... Read more


AppArchitect to launch at TechCrunch Disrupt!

29 Apr 2013

I’m excited to announce that AppArchitect (formerly Applique) will launch today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. I cannot even explain how exciting this moment is for us. We are going to be one of 30 companies to officially launch on stage at the most prestigious start-up conference in the world – which is every entrepreneur’s dream! AppArchitect was selected... Read more


Applique is now!

10 Apr 2013

I’m excited to announce that Applique is now – a strong brand name to represent our company and the product. We are thankful to everyone who helped us with our re-branding process. Read more


Thank you inSITE Fellows!

03 Apr 2013

This spring, we had an amazing opportunity to take part in the InSITE program. Together we worked on identifying target customers and defining our marketing strategy. Their creativity and energy brought a new perspective to our company. Thank you to our awesome fellows and inSITE as a whole! Mike Lekas, Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University Shinichiro Kaneda, MBA, NYU Stern School... Read more


Thank you to our Beta Testers

30 Mar 2013

Over the last 4 months, we had a chance of working with 400 users as part of our private beta. We really appreciate their feedback, which was instrumental to the product features and improvements we have made. We are almost ready to launch our platform into a public beta. This is good news for the... Read more


Applique selected to inSITE

19 Feb 2013

We are excited to announce that we were accepted to InSITE! InSite brings graduate students from Columbia and NYU Business and Law schools to work with promising startups for a semester. Our company was one of the six chosen from over 80 applicants. InSITE had some great companies go through their program including HopStop and ChallengePost. Read more


Back to New York and our new home

15 Jan 2013

We miss the amazing experience and all the friends that we’ve made during 3 months at DreamIt Philadelphia. We still continue to stay in touch with many of the companies and the DreamIt Managing Partners who are still our mentors and advisers. We are happy to be back home – our wives are thrilled! – but it is... Read more


DreamIt Demo Day Video

05 Dec 2012

If you did not have a chance of attending the Demo Day, please check out the video. Read more


Our first published App – ‘DreamIt Presents’

25 Nov 2012

After almost a full year of work, we have submitted the very first iPhone App built on our platform and also got approved by Apple. The truth was that we were a bit nervous – we did have some bugs along the way – but, with a week to spare, we have successfully published the official App for DreamIt Demo... Read more


Settled in Philly and our amazing interns

01 Oct 2012

We have settled into our new home in Philly – We are still going back to New York almost every weekend to our wives. The amount of work we are putting in is tremendous. Since we have no friends or other distractions here, we are in the office from around 10 am till about midnight (and many nights till 2... Read more


Accepted to DreamIt Ventures!

10 Sep 2012

We are so excited! In our first blog post, we are proud to announce that we have been accepted to DreamIt Ventures startup accelerator! This means that we are packing our bags and moving to Philadelphia for the next 3 months (September 7 – December 14th). Applique was selected from hundreds of other companies to take part in this... Read more