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15 Jan 2013


We miss the amazing experience and all the friends that we’ve made during 3 months at DreamIt Philadelphia. We still continue to stay in touch with many of the companies and the DreamIt Managing Partners who are still our mentors and advisers.

We are happy to be back home – our wives are thrilled! – but it is really sad to lose that momentum and the sleepless nights in Philadelphia, and also, more importantly, not to have the other DreamIt companies by our side – that’s the part we have missed the most. The feeling is like graduating college and then disbursing across the country.

We have just moved into a new office, WeWork, an awesome co-working place. The atmosphere is great, the people are chill, and it is a perfect home for our company. We are at 175 Varick Street, 4th floor, and you are always welcome to stop by and visit us – but please shoot us an email first.